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Rutgers lands in top 50 schools for fastest growth of ‘sugar babies’

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Preceded by the University of Texas, Arizona State and New York University, Rutgers ranked 33rd out of 50 schools for the fastest growth of “sugar babies.”

Angela Bermudo, public relations manager at SeekingArrangement.com, the “world’s largest sugar daddy dating site” and a platform for “’mutually beneficial relationships,’ in which young women shower men with attention in exchange for “the finer things in life,” said the University’s presence on SeekingArrangement.com grew by 80 new sign-ups in 2014 or a 32.13 percent increase.

An interaction arranged through SeekingArrangement.com is not a traditional relationship, she said. Both players in the interaction arrange a relationship or structured relationship that fits into their lifestyles. “The average amount (sugar babies) receive is about $3,000 per month,” Bermudo said. “It could be a monetary amount or it could also be a combination of (paying for) rent, books and credit card fees.”

Bermudo attributed the rapid growth of “sugar babies” to the rising cost of education — since 2006, the number of student “sugar babies” multiplied by 12. Lawmakers continually say it is a priority for them to deal with the enormous student debt we have in the United States, but unfortunately, not enough is being done, she said. “We’re breaking records with how many students are applying to university and college, but unfortunately, as prices increase, students are struggling to find out how they’re going to afford it,” she said.

Original Source: http://www.dailytargum.com/article/2015/05/rutgers-lands-in-top-50-schools-for-fastest-growth-of-sugar-babies