My name is Lawrence Christopher Skufca. I am currently a pro bono legal advocate and civil rights activist in the Camden, New Jersey area.

I hold a Juris Doctor in Law from Rutgers School of Law – Camden; a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Furman University; and an Associate of Arts in Humanities from Tri-County Technichal College. I passed the New Jersey State Bar Examination in November 2011. My state licensing application has been held up by the Committee on Character and Fitness ever since.

During my Rutgers Law School tenure, I was a strong vocal critic of the concentration of political power which had occurred in Camden, arguing that self-interested economic policies had created a perpetual recession leading to dehumanizing conditions for the City’s residents. During class discussions, I advocated for greater social responsibility in reforming the political patronage system and allowing residents to meaningfully participate in their community planning decisions. As a law student, I was unaware of the incestuous financial relationships which existed between Rutgers University and the local political machine, and naively presumed I was afforded a certain degree of intellectual freedom in addressing these issues.

From late February through April of 2014, I was subjected to a series of electronic intrusions which seemed to be directed towards deleting emails, documents, research and recordings I had amassed during my interactions with Rutgers University administrators throughout my law school tenure. Based on Windows Security logs, the initial cyber attacks were facilitated by an individual using the backdoor codes to the Trend Micro Anti-virus software installed on my computer by the Rutgers University IT Department, which allowed the individual to lower my firewalls and gain remote access of my personal computer.  The installation dates of malicious spyware programs also dated back to my tenure as a Rutgers law student. The attacks were reported to the F.B.I. via their  Internet Crime Complaint Center.

While working on several local political projects in South Jersey I have come across a number of attorneys, activists, organizers and former candidates who have complained of suffering similar attacks after real or perceived challenges to the entrenched patronage system in South Jersey. This suggests that my efforts to provide the citizens of Camden County with a greater voice in their economic and political outcomes is unwelcome by the established power structure. I am currently working on changing that culture.

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“If we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable.” – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis

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