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Does an Increased Police Presence Agitate Community Violence?

The Brookings Institute hypothesizes that a heightened police presence reduces violent crime. Yet as Malcolm X points out, Black neighborhoods have some of the highest violent crime rates even though they are some of the most heavily policed areas in the country. Malcolm X’s question is still relevant fifty years later. Does an increased police presence have the adverse effect of agitating community violence?

Malcolm X: Make It Plain (1994)

This PBS documentary leads the viewer through the life of Malcolm X – from early adulthood to his untimely death. The story is told via short interviews with friends and family who were closest to the prominent civil rights leader. It reflects one man’s triumphant journey to overcome racial injustice in America while struggling to overcome his own negative racial perceptions.

If you experience problems with the embedded video, the full documentary film can be viewed FREE online at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zIGNkR62Mo