Welcome To “Transition Park”, The Horrible Tent City In Camden, NJ

If you think you’ve seen poverty, get ready to be shocked at what you’re about to see.

This is what it looks like
Source: Transitionpark.com

People have been living here for years.
Source: Transitionpark.com

Imagine living here during a blizzard
Source: Transitionpark.com
Tents have had their roof collapse due to the snowfall in the winter
Source: Transitionpark.com

Some residents get completely snowed in
Source: Transitionpark.com
But, they stand together
Source: Transitionpark.com

The rules of the tent city
Source: Transitionpark.com

Governor Chris Christie speaks with residents
Source: Transitionpark.com
Residents express their concerns to the New Jersey Governor
Source: Transitionpark.com

Residents are interviewed

Transition Park from James Aom on Vimeo.

Video of Transition Park

One thought on “Welcome To “Transition Park”, The Horrible Tent City In Camden, NJ”

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