Pedro Brull

Pedro Brull (1938 – Present) is a Puerto-Rican American painter who describes his work as a mix of abstract and impressionism. According to Brull, “You can see the influence of impressionists in my painting, but I change the light. To me that is what changes the form and composition of a painting.”

Brull was born in Puerto Rico in 1938. As a child, He often angered his father by using the walls of the family home as his canvas. Brull’s father became more tolerant of his son’s eccentric habit, after a well respected painter was so impressed with the fourteen year old’s bedroom wall that he offered to sign it. “Having someone famous do that is a form of honor,” Brull explains.

Brull graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Puerto Rico Institute of Culture, where he obtained a degree in fine arts. For many years he was the graphics art director for Telemundo’s WKAQ-TV station in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Throughout his lifetime, Brull has also financially supported himself as a painter, a travel agent and a pastor.

In 1998, Brull moved to Kissimee, Florida, where he found employment with Walt Disney affiliate which creates caricatures for the Disney theme parks. When Disney sponsored an employee exhibit, Brull’s painting was awarded First Prize from Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Brull is a member of the The Osceola Center for the Arts. His paintings belong to a number of private and public collections throughout New York, Florida and Puerto Rico. His commissioned portrait of Juan Quirindongo is a part of the permanent collection of the Juan Quirindongo School in Puerto Rico. An assortment of masterfully created portraits form a portion of the Casa Alonzo Museum’s permanent collection.

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